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The Worcestershire Masonic Library uses the scheme of classification compiled by A.R. Hewitt as revised by the library of the United Grand Lodge of England, now the Library and Museum of Freemasonry.

To assist in searching the Library Catalogue it has been divided into the "Hewitt" classifications listed below. A List of All Books cin the Library may still be accessed although due to the size of the catalogue the download of the data may take a few minutes.'

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Masonic Literature

General Works on Freemasonry. (Hewitt Classes 10-29)c

History and Philosophy of Freemasonry. (Hewitt Classes 30-89)c

Government and Organisation of the Craft. (Hewitt Classes 90-179)c

Symbolism, Ritual and Ceremonial. (Hewitt Classes 180-229)c

Regalia, Jewels and Documents. (Hewitt Classes 230-259)c

Royal Arch. (Hewitt Classes 300-450)c

Additional Degrees. (Hewitt Classes 460-700)c

Masonic Clubs & Associations and Meetings. (Hewitt Classes 705-709)c

Benevolence. (Hewitt Classes 710-722)c

Education. (Hewitt Classes 725-727)c

Masonic Music, Poetry, Plays, Rhetoric. (Hewitt Classes 730-750)c

The Fine Arts in Masonry. (Hewitt Classes 760-780)c

Anti-Masonry and Vindications. (Hewitt Classes 790-800)c

Irregular, Spurious and Clandestine Masonry. (Hewitt Classes 805-819)c

Women in Freemasonry. (Hewitt Classes 820-845)c

Black Freemasonry. (Hewitt Classes 850-885)c

Periodicals. (Hewitt Classes 910-910)c

Allied and General Literature

General and Reference Works (Non-masonic). (Hewitt Classes1000-1060)c

History (Non-masonic). (Hewitt Classes1100-1200)c

Philosophy and Religion (Non-masonic). (Hewitt Classes1250-1420)c

Natural Sciences (Non-masonic). (Hewitt Classes1425-1449)c

Social Sciences (Non-masonic). (Hewitt Classes1450-1700)c

The Fine Arts (Non-masonic). (Hewitt Classes1760-1800)c

Language and Literature (Non-masonic). (Hewitt Classes1850-1880)c

Periodicals and Newspapers (Non-masonic). (Hewitt Classes1910-1920)c

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