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Worcestershire Museum of Freemasonry

List of Prominent People who have a reference to an Object, or Objects, in the Library and Museum

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Person No. of Objects
Bunting01.jpg Dr Edward L Bunting 25
Campbell01.jpg Gen. Sir William Campbell 7
Davies01.jpg Gen Sir Francis J Davies 66
Eaton01.jpg Charles D. Eaton 172
Godson01.jpg Sir Augustus F Godson 14
Griffiths01.jpg Frederick Hickton Griffiths 33
Hanson01.jpg Edward F Hanson 29
Lechmere01.jpg Sir Edmund A.H Lechmere 16
Marsh01.jpg Ben Marsh 22
Masefield01.jpg William Masefield 21
WTPage01.jpg William T. Page 139
Royds01.jpg Albert Hudson Royds 10
Simes01.jpg Charles Erskine Woollard Simes 84
Smith01.jpg Lt. Col. O W.Dudley Smith 13
Taylor01.jpg George Taylor 75
Woof01.jpg Richard Woof 49

The Museum would be pleased to receive further information and/or photographs related to these or other Individuals. Please ensure that you either own the copyright or have the copyright owners permission before submitting material for publication. Material can be emailed to the Worcestershire Museum of Freemasonry using this link

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