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The Document Collection includes Published and Unpublished works that are not considered part of the Library.For convenience the Collection has been divided into Sub Categories as Listed below. A Full List of All Documentsc is still available but due to its size the download may take several minutes

Booklets, Leaflets and Extracts from Published Material c

------cBooklets, Pamphlets and Leaflets concerning Masonic Information or Publicity

------cExtracts from Magazines and other Publications (ex. Newspapers)

------cNewspaper Articles and Cuttings

------cVarious Reports

Certificates and Similar Issued for Rank or Office c

------cVarious Certificates

------cPatents of Appointment to Office

------cWarrants for Masonic Organisations

Histories and By-Laws for Lodges, Chapters and Other Masonic Organisations c

------cBy-Laws of Masonic Organisations not listed as Library books

------cHistories of Lodges, Chapters and other Organisations not included in the Library

Documents relating to Masonic Meetings c

------cDocuments relating to the Celebration of Masonic Events, Anniversaries etc.

------cDining Cards, Menus and Toast Lists

------cMasonic Ritual not included in the Library Collection

------cSummonses and Invitations to Masonic Events

Documents relating to Masonic Ceremonial c

------cDocuments relating to Masonic Ceremonial Events

------cProgrammes and Orders of Procedures for Masonic Events

------cMinutes , Proceedings of Masonic Meetings

Various Songs not included in the Music Collection c

------cSongs and Music not included in the Music Collection

Lectures, Talks and Other Speeches c

------cAddresses and Speeches given at Masonic Events

------cLectures, Talks and Papers including preparaory notes and research

------cSermons preached at Masonic Services and Events

Letters and Other Correspondence c

------cLetters, Notes and Other Correspondence

Miscellaneous Documents c

------cOther Documents not included elsewhere

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