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Jewel & Medal Collection - Worcestershire Museum of Freemasonry

Medal: Old Lodge St. John’s, No. 19—Sick Fund. Lanark 1822

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Date:- 1822 - Classification:- Lodge/Chapter Etc.; Members; Charity

Country of Origin:- Scotland - Province/Region/District:- Old Scotish Lodges

Order:- Craft (& Freemasonry General)


OBVERSE: A female figure, draped and winged, and with a wreath held out in each hand, standing on a coffer with a large key-hole, inscribed SICK FUND At the sides are two pillars, that on the left supporting the square and compasses, that on the right a level; the bases of the pillars are inscribed respectively TRUTH and JUSTICE. Above is an irradiated eye; and around, OLD LODGE ST JOHN’S LANARK N°19 Below, in ex: (very small) FAULKNER. F.

REVERSE: An oak-tree being sawn through by a saw, with the motto THROUGH on a scroll below. Above, RIGHT IS MIGHT and below, 12TH JUNE 1822


48 mm. Bronze.